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Norm critical design

Research group Digital transformation of society is an extensive and interlinked socio-technical phenomenon. Among other things dealing with, how digital technology and digital materials change the conditions and preconceptions for organization, nature and importance for social organization, as well as people's experiences and expectations. Digital transformation, as a phenomenon, besides being in need of applied expertise, understanding and technical know-how, is also in need of theoretically and critical based reflexive understanding in order to meet consequential ethical and social dilemmas following digital transformational processes.

At the Department of Informatics, we have many years of experience in norm critical studies of Digital transformation processes. We have elaborated with theoretical and empirical concepts and methods in order to explore and critique the impact for digital material on societal organization, nature, meaning as well as people's experiences and lifeworlds. We are involved in research and doctoral projects and we cooperate with both private and public organizations. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about our research and/or collaborating with us.

Head of research

Anna Croon
Associate professor


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Informatics

Research area

Research area: Informatics
Duration 30 November 2016 until 30 November 2019
Type of project Research project
Latest update: 2018-11-26