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Robotics and Control Lab (RCLab)

In the Robotics and Control Group (RCLab) at TFE, we focus on development of mathematical models for real-world systems and on their constructive use.

Research in the Robotics and Control Lab is focused on the development of mathematical models for real-world systems, from heavy-lifting hydraulic cranes to the fluid flow within the human brain and the subsequent use of such models for sensing, visualization, prediction and control of important variables within these systems.

The systems of interest range from heavy-lifting hydraulic cranes, industrial manipulators, and walking robots to fluid flows within the human brain. We aim at systematic use of such models for sensing, visualization, prediction, and active control of the behaviors or of important variables or characteristics of these systems. Particularly active projects include motion planning and motion stabilization of the desired limit cycles for underactuated mechanical systems and walking robots, systematic feedback control design for automation of industrial mobile hydraulic manipulators used in forestry and agriculture, systematic friction identification and compensation for precision control, interaction and pose control for electrical manipulators, path planning for mobile robots and assistive power wheelchairs.

Contact Information for Assistive robotics and intelligent mechatronics

Sven Rönnbäck
Tillämpad fysik och elektronik, Umeå universitet
901 87 Umeå 

Visiting Address
X, Håken Gullessons väg 20, Teknikhuset, TB327

Tel:  +46(0) 90 786 5342

Mobile:  +46(0) 70 968 5337

Head of research

Leonid Freidovich
Associate professor