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Ricardo Dutra

As a social designer, I am interested in how groups create together. That is, I am curious about investigating forms of collective creativity—and, in particular, the social practice of "awareness-based collective creativity" (Hayashi & Gonçalves, 2023). By awareness-based, I refer to people's ability of sensing into oneself, others and the social field. By collective creativity, I emphasize the interconnected experience of being with others and operating from a shared relational space. I am interested in interpresence as a transdisciplinary field that investigates the relational space where creativity and collective agency can be nurtured and unfold. I approach interpresence from a practice based design research and social arts perspectives. I usually design embodied and material prompts that provoke experiences of being together, attending to one another and exercising choice-making as part of social groups. At the Interpresence Institute, I can pursue cross-disciplinary collaborations that enrich and expand the understanding of how relational being can affect the quality of social fields—and, therefore, how we might learn to cultivate healthy forms of being together. 

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Latest update: 2023-12-15