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Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System online seminar

Sartorius is a partner for biopharmaceutical industry and laboratories, that offers solutions from drug discovery and development to production platforms for biomanufacturing.
Sartorius mission is to facilitate development of new, better and more affordable therapies, which can’t be achieved without close collaboration with leading groups in academic field. To strengthen ongoing collaboration between Sartorius and Umeå University and support Life Science research in Sweden, Sartorius has placed in June 2020 IncuCyte S3 Live-Cell Analysis System at the Biochemical Imaging Centre Umeå (BICU).
To introduce new instrument and provide scientists with the overview of different applications that can be supported by this high-level microscope, BICU together with Sartorius Corporate Research and Sartorius BioAnalytics teams, have organized open IncuCyte workshop. We hope that this workshop will provide researchers with good idea of how IncuCyte can support and expand their research.

Below are the workshop videos

01_Incucyte Workshop_Opening
02_Incucyte Workshop_Quality Control
03_Incucyte Workshop_Subpopulation analysis
04_Incucyte Workshop_Cell motility assays
05_Incucyte Workshop_Function analysis
06_Incucyte Workshop_Image processing
Latest update: 2023-03-20