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NMR 850 MHz Sample Cassettte

Image: Mikael Wallerstedt

NMR Equipment

Here you can find more detailed information on the spectrometers and other equipment at the NMR platform. A new ultra-fast MAS probe (111 KHz) is being installed autumn 2020. If you would like to know more detailed information about the equipment or if your project could be run at our platform, please contact us.

Bruker 850 MHz Avance NEO

Used for biomolecular NMR and 2H detect experiments

  • 5 mm TCI cryoprobe HCN/D with z-gradient & ATM
  • 5 mm DUX cryoprobe DH/F with z-gradient & ATM
  • 2.5 mm XH and 3.2 mm CNH CPMAS probes
  • 4 mm PHD HRMAS probe
  • 0.7 mm ultra-fast HXY MAS
  • Equipped with a SampleXpress 60 sample changer

Bruker 600 MHz Avance III HD

Used for biomolecular NMR, plant cell wall analysis, metabolomics and fragment-based screening.

  • 5 mm BBO/H&F/D cryoprobe with z-gradient & ATM
  • 5 mm HCP/D cryoprobe with z-gradient & ATM
  • 5 mm HCN/D cryoprobes with z-gradient
  • 5 mm TXI, QXI and TBI warm probes with x,y,z-gradients
  • 3.2 mm HCN MAS cryoprobe with z-gradient & ATM
  • Equipped with a SampleJet 5x96 + 30 sample changer

Bruker 500 MHz Avance III

Used mainly for solid-state (lignocellulosic material, membranes, etc.)

  • 2.5 mm XYH CPMAS probe
  • 4 mm XH CPMAS probe
  • 4 mm CHD HR-MAS with gradient
  • 7 mm XH CPMAS probe
  • 5 mm XH static wideline probe
  • 5 mm TBI H/C/BB/D probe with z-gradient
  • 10 mm BBO/H/D probe
  • Equipped with a cooled SamplePro HR-MAS 48 sample changer for solid-state samples

Bruker 400 MHz Avance III

Used for routine analyses, courses, 19F-NMR and quantitative 13C-measurements

  • 5 mm BBF/H/D smartprobe with 19F channel, z-gradient & ATM
  • Equipped with a SampleCase Plus 60 sample changer

Bruker 360 MHz DRX

Used for routine NMR and courses.

  • 5 mm TBI probe with z-gradients
  • 5 mm Dual probe, optimized for 13C detection
  • Equipped with an NMR case sample changer for 24 samples

Bruker SamplePro Tube

  • Automated NMR sample preparation robot.
  • Cooled positions for cryo vial rack NMR tube rack (96 tubes).
  • Works with 3 and 5 mm NMR tubes.
  • Programmable and adjustable sample preparation and transfer methods.
  • High throughput sample preparation for metabolic projects.
Latest update: 2024-04-08