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Instrument Status


The IFS 66v/S instrument is out of order. Replacement parts have been ordered.


There is a virus on the computer of the Vertex 80v instrument. This an XP virus, that places a link on your USB drive. To work around the problem: use an empty USB stick. When plugged in, the virus will create a link on the USB stick. Do NOT click the link. Copy your spectra directly onto the USB stick in the Windows Explorer sidebar, NOT onto the link. When you get to a computer with anti-virus software installed, it will immediately find this virus (it's an old Windows XP virus) and will quarantine it. You are still able to copy your spectra from the USB stick as they are uninfected as long as you did not place them into the link the virus created. After you copied your files, format the USB disk.


The Vertex 80v has a problem with a small leak in the sample compartment. This means that vacuum levels can only reach ca. 8 hPa at present.


The Tensor 27 had completed quality checks following the replacement of its source and desiccant cartridge. The instrument is fully functional again.


The sample compartment valve of the Vertex 80v is broken. Thus, the sample compartment cannot be vented / evacuated on its own, only together with the entire optical bench. Please limit the use of this instrument if possible until it is repaired, otherwise allow ample time for venting and evacuation.


The dry pump of the IFS 66 v/S is repaired, the instrument can be used as before.

Latest update: 2021-03-04