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Services of the X-ray Diffraction Facility (XRDF)

The infrastructure offers services for research groups on the SLU and UmU Campus.

The services provided by the X-ray Diffraction Facility (XRDF) include:

  • Screening of crystallization conditions using the nano-drop pipetting robot (mosquito®)
  • Monitoring, evaluation and scoring of crystallization screens
  • Optimization of initial screens
  • Diffractions tests and iterative crystal optimization (diffraction quality and resolution)
  • Full diffraction data collection incl. data processing and data analysis
  • X-ray crystal structure determination, refinement and validation
  • Deposition of coordinates with the Protein Data Bank (PDB) or the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD)
  • Compound screens: co-crystallization with fragments and compounds (in collaboration with LCBU)
  • Cryogenic preservation of crystals (vitrification) and storage in liquid nitrogen
  • Powder data collection