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Carola Eriksson

Works at

Associate professor at Department of Nursing
Biologihuset, Hus C, plan 3, 4 och 5. Hus D2, plan 3. Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My name is Carola Eriksson, I am a midwife and since 2019 I have been working full time as a senior lecturer at the Department of Nursing. I mainly teach and supervise at the midwifery program in the subject of sexual and reproductive health. In 2006, I defended my dissertation entitled “Childbirth-related fear – a study of women and men’s experiences”. The dissertation was a collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine and the National School of Gender studies at Umeå University. My interest in various gender-related theories and issues has since than been at the centre of both my teaching and research. My later research projects have, among other, been about young highly educated women and men’s perceptions of family formation in combination with a professional career, and about “The myths of the hymen”. Currently I am participating in a project that deals with how young women who live in Sweden but grew up in an honour context handle virginity requirements and honour norms.

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