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Cathleen Sandelin Kennedy

Cathleen is a licensed radiographer with specialization in Computed Tomography who now works at Umeå Universitet as an instructor with the radiography training program.

Works at

Lecturer at Department of Nursing

Cathleen is an instructor with the radiography training program at Umeå Universitet who is passionate about her profession.  Cathleen received her education in the United States and worked there in a clinical capacity for over a decade before moving to Sweden, where she has now also received her licensure as a radiographer. 

Bringing light to radiography as a profession is an assignment that Cathleen takes seriously because there are already large shortages and those shortages will only grow as the profession becomes more important in the diagnostic and treatment processes. In addition, she finds it an exciting and enriching profession and knows that there are very few people who are even aware of radiography as a profession choice.

Cathleen also strives for a higher level of internationalization for the profession and is therefore involved in the NordRadiografi network which connects students and instructors from Finland, Sweden, and Norway and sets its focus on AI and healthcare in sparsely populated areas.

Instructor in all terms of the radiography training program and with Clinicum Betula.