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Personalbild Elin Jonsson

Elin Jonsson

+46 90 786 76 21

Samhällsvetarhuset, Plan 4

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    About me

    Since 2013, I am a doctoral student at the Umeå Forum for studies on Law and Society, a position including both research and teaching. Prior to this I worked as a research assistant and at the municipality. My undergraduate studies consisted of the law programme as well as a bachelor in gender studies, and my areas of interest when it comes to research and teaching are mainly found within feminist theory and various critical perspectives on law.


    My thesis project concerns the regulation of parenthood, with a point of departure in the Swedish legislation on assisted reproduction, adoption and establishing of legal parenthood. Using theoretical tools derived from post-structuralism and feminist legal studies, I analyse how possibilities to become a parent are constructed in the context of this legislation. Formal provisions as well as discourses in preparatory work form boundaries around which parenthoods are understood as possible. Boundaries that among other things reflect assumptions about reproduction, gender and sexuality. In the thesis this is also discussed in light of ideas of law as something neutral and consistent. I found this area of research interesting since the regulation of parenthood have impact on how kinship as well as identities are formed.


    I am involved in courses on both basic and advanced level.