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Staff photo Emma Persson

Emma Persson


Målpunkt M31, Byggnad 6M, plan 3, Norrlands universitetssjukhus, Translationellt forskningscentrum (TRC) Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Works at

Research fellow at Department of Radiation Sciences Units: Oncology
Affiliated as other position at Department of Radiation Sciences Units: Oncology

Senior researcher in the field of cancer, with research projects focusing on two cancer stages that are major clinical challenges; metastatic disease and acquired treatment resistance.
My group is primarily working on projects involving cancer types that form metastases in the skeleton (prostate/breast/lung cancer) and primary bone cancers (focus on osteosarcoma).
The projects are translational, including both preclinical model systems as well as analysis of cancer patient samples

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