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Staff photo Eva Lönn

Eva Lönn

I am responsible for Curiosum´s external communication



Works at

Communications officer at Curiosum
Östra strandgatan 32, 903 33 Umeå

As a communication officer, I am primarily responsible for planning, coordinating and producing content for Curiosum's digital and print media, such as the web, social media and newsletters. I also write press releases, answer questions from the public and the media, and much more.

I have a background as a researcher and teacher in media and communication at Umeå University.

Dagens Nyheter
Allard, Christina; Axelsson, Per; Brännlund, Isabelle; et al.
Kulturella perspektiv - Svensk etnologisk tidskrift, Umeå: Föreningen Kulturella Perspektiv vid Institutionen för kultur- och medievetenskaper, Umeå universitet 2014, (1) : 41-49
J:son Lönn, Eva
Långa perspektiv: samisk forskning & traditionell kunskap, Umeå: Centrum för samisk forskning 2012 : 230-257
Johansson Lönn, Eva
Mindings:Co-Constituting Indigenous/Academic/Artistic Knowledges and Understandings of Land, Water-, Body-, and Lab-scapes, Uppsala University, October 10-12, 2012
J:son Lönn, Eva
Nya medier och kommunikation: makt och meningsskapande i den digitala tidsåldern, Malmö: Gleerups Utbildning AB 2012 : 55-70
J:son Lönn, Eva
Medier & kommunikation, 8
J:son Lönn, Eva