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Fredrik Ohlsson

My research is about applications of geometry in biomathematics and AI. I teach basic courses in mathematics in the engineering and teacher educations and "basåret".

Works at

MIT-huset, plan 3, Matematik och matematisk statistik, MIT.D.351 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I received my PhD degree in 2012 at Chalmers University of Technology with a dissertation that dealt with formal mathematical aspects of gauge theories in particle physics. I have worked with mathematical modeling at the research institute RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and at Chalmers, and since 2020 I have been a Associate professor in mathematics at Umeå University. My research is about how differential geometry can be used to describe and understand basic structures and connections in biomathematics by studying symmetries in biological systems and models. As part of this, I also study how symmetries and geometry can be included in different models in machine learning / artificial intelligence.

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Research groups

Group theory

I teach various basic courses in mathematics at the university and master's engineering programs as well as in the teacher education in mathematics. In addition, I teach mathematics within the framework of "basåret" and supervise students in the master's engineering program in Industrial Economics.