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Lars Johansson

Lecturer at Umeå Institute of Design, teaching basic methods and skills for industrial design and interaction design.

Works at

Östra Strandgatan 30 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

With my roots in Skellefteå and with a background in mechanical engineering, I applied and was accepted to the master's program in Industrial Design at Umeå Institute of Design at Umeå University, (1994 - 1999). In 1996, I switched over to the master's program in Interaction Design, which then was completely new at the school. After graduating in 1999, I was offered a position as a designer in applied research at Umeå Institute of Design, where I worked in a research project about wearable computers in cooperation with Volvo Trucks and Nokia. Some teaching was also included in my employment.

The applied research was expanded with additional projects and collaboration partners and continued until 2013. During that period, I mostly worked together with Volvo Trucks in several interaction design projects within the driver environment field. The projects had different research focus and the work included user studies, creating product concepts, building working prototypes, creating visualization models as well as physical and graphical user interfaces which then were evaluated with users.

Today, my main work is teaching and course responsibility.

Parallel to my employment at the school, I have since 2011 also worked as a design consultant in both industrial design and interaction design.

You are welcome to talkt to me about:

  • Design Process
  • Form and Aestetics
  • Models and Prototypes
  • User Studies
  • Product Design
  • Car Design
  • Interaction Design
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I´m teaching in:

  • Basic sketch technique
  • Form studies
  • Model technique
  • Working with clay
  • Interaction design

I also work with tutoring in different student projects and exam works.