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Mikael Vinka



Works at

Professor at Department of Language Studies Section: Sámi studies
A, Humanisthuset, korridor HUM.K.2 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå
Humaniora: om humanistiska fakulteten vid Umeå universitet, Umeå: Umeå University 2023 : 125-128
Vinka, Mikael
Null subjects in Finno-Ugric and Slavic, Berlin: Walter de Gruyter 2022 : 307-346
Vinka, Mikael
Proceedings of the fifty-fifth annual meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society 2020 : 423-434
Vinka, Mikael
Åarjel-saemieh: = Samer i sør : årbok 13, Snåsa: Saemien sijte 2020 : 75-93
Vinka, Mikael
Teaching writing to children in Indigenous languages: instructional practices from global contexts, New York: Routledge 2019 : 235-253
Sullivan, Kirk P H; Belancic, Kristina; Lindgren, Eva; et al.
Grammatik i fokus 33, Lunds universitet, Lund, 7-8 februari, 2019
Vinka, Mikael
Proceedings of the 12th Generative Linguistics in the Old World in Asia & the 21st Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar: Universal Grammar and  Its Cross-linguistic Instantiations, Seoul: 2019 : 241-254
Vinka, Mikael
WECOL 2018
Vinka, Mikael
McGill Working Papers in Linguistics, Montréal: McGill University, Dept. of Linguistics 2018, Vol. 25, (1) : 457-466
Vinka, Mikael
The International Conference on Bilingualism: Language and Heritage
Vinka, Mikael
Dagens Nyheter
Allard, Christina; Axelsson, Per; Brännlund, Isabelle; et al.
Språkdidaktik: Researching Language Teaching and Learning, Umeå: Department of Language Studies, Umeå University 2015 : 75-84
Vinka, Mikael; Waldmann, Christian; Kroik, David; et al.
NELS 44: Proceedings of the Forty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, Amherst: GLSA, University of Massachusetts 2014 : 243-254
Vinka, Mikael; Waldmann, Christian
AILA 2014 Abstract book : 214-214
Waldmann, Christian; Kroik, David; Vinka, Mikael; et al.
HICE conference proceedings, Honolulu: Hawaii International Conference on Education 2013 : 1395-1400
Sullivan, Kirk; Vinka, Mikael; Waldmann, Christian
Proceedings of the thirty-fourth Western Conference On Linguistics: volume seventeen Wecol 2006, Fresno: California State University 2007 : 456-465
Vinka, Mikael
Proceedings of the thirty-third Western Conference On Linguistics: Volume sixteen, Fresno: Department of Linguistics, California State University 2006 : 399-410
Vinka, Mikael
Proceedings from the Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, Chicago Linguistic Society 2005 : 401-414
Vinka, Mikael; Outakoski, Hanna
Proceedings from the Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, Chicago Linguistic Society 2004 : 397-410
Vinka, Mikael
Generative approaches to Finnic linguistics. : -
Svonni, Mikael; Vinka, Mikael
McGill Dissertations in Linguistics
Vinka, Mikael

Research groups

Head of research
The Syntax Network