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Timir Baran Sil

Timir is a postdoctoral fellow in Magnus Andersson’s research group at the department of physics. His research works involves understanding disinfection and metabolic alteration of bacterial spores.




Works at

Affiliated as postdoctoral position at Department of Physics Section: Biophysics and Biophotonics group
Fysikhuset plan 3, Linnaeus väg 24, FA314 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Timir received his PhD from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Hyderabad in India. During PhD, he worked on fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) and other fluorescence-based methods to characterize protein aggregation. He continued his research at TIFR Hyderabad, India as a postdoctoral fellow to investigate protein-protein interactions using single-particle Förster resonance energy transfer (spFRET) and two colour coincident detection (TCCD) methods.

Currently, Timir is a postdoctoral fellow (Kempestiftelserna) at the department of physics in Umeå university. He has joined the biophysics and biophotonics research group (with Professor Magnus Andersson) to investigate biophysical and biochemical properties of bacterial spores using optical tweezers, Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging.

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, American Chemical Society (ACS) 2024, Vol. 128, (7) : 1638-1646
Öberg, Rasmus; Sil, Timir B.; Johansson, Alexandra C.; et al.
The Analyst, Royal Society of Chemistry 2024, Vol. 149, (6) : 1861-1871
Öberg, Rasmus; Sil, Timir Baran; Ohlin, C. André; et al.

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