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Crisis management, threats and violence

Routines for situations involving threats or violence

1. If you as an employee or student are involved in a threatening or violent situation, notify the leadership group immediately. If there is a life or health threatening situation, you or your colleagues/fellow students shall immediately notify the police. Call 112.

2. The the leadership group decides if an official report shall be made to the police.

3. the leadership group or work environment representative is responsible for notifying the UmU head of security as soon as possible.

4. the leadership group is responsible for creating a safe situation and taking care of victims and bystanders in the immediate emergency situation, and that the involved parties are given an opportunity to talk about the incident.

5. the leadership group arranges for someone to accompany the involved person(s) home or to hospital and, if necessary, that next of kin are contacted.

6. the leadership group makes sure that involved staff and/or students are relieved of their ordinary work tasks if deemed necessary.

7. the leadership group informs UID employees and students of the incident.

8. If a more serious incident or injury occurs, the UmU head of security is responsible for contacting Arbetsmiljöinspektionen immediately.

9. the leadership group shall hold follow-up talks with the person(s) involved within a week to find out if any other actions need to be taken, for example therapeutic support.

10. UmU head of security takes the initiative to assess, and inf necessary document, the incident.

Action plan for crises and crisis management

UID shall have a good degree of crisis preparation. All employees have a responsibility to beforehand inform themselves of how a crisis situation should be handled according to the UID plan in order to make the right decisions and actions at the right time. Responsible for crisis management is the Head of Department, and the operative crisis management is carried out by the leadership group.

The head of Department at UID is responsible for reporting accidents and incidents to UmU head of security or crisis management team according to instruction. The leadership Group is responsible for contacting UmU head of security or UmU crisis management group when the own resources at UID are not enough to handle the crisis. The contact is made directly, or through the University internal alarm number 090-786 97 00. Head of security/crisis management group are responsible for assessing and activating code yellow or code red, and if so activating the crisis management team. This is done in dialogue with the affected department and UmU leadership. The head of department of the affected department will always be adjunct to the crisis management team if code red is activated. See UmU crisis management plan and checklists.

The Head of Department at UID has the overall responsibility for crisis management, planning and leadership. Operative responsiblitiy is given to the keadership grpoup, who also is responsible for reporting to the UmU head of security in issues relating to crisis and crisis management.

1. There shall at UID always be one or more persons in the staff with necessary and up to date knowledge of crisis management. This knowledge is especially important for programme diHead of Departments and course responsibles, who also shall be given mandate from the Head of Department to be able to make necessary decisions.

2. If a crisis situation arises that concerns employees, students or next of kin to these, the the leadership group shall immediately be informed.

3. The the leadership group is responsible for as soon as possible informing the adequate persons/functions at UID: Head of Department, work environment representative, staff administrator and the closest teachers/colleagues.

4. The Head of Department/the leadership group has the responsibility to inform all employees, students, media and other concerend parties about the situation. The Head of Department/the leadership group will, if necessary, make statements to the media after consulting the UID communications officer and the Faculty comms officer or UmU head of press.

5. Communication with employees and students shall be carried out in the most adequate way to enable a swift spreading of information (f.ex. before this is spread in the media). This can be through staff meetings and/or e-mail, intranet etc.

6. the leadership group is responsible, with support from work environment representative and staff adminsitrator, for following up together with involved persons or groups of students/staff au UID, and will prior to this make contact with the necessary support functions from central UmU resources.

Latest update: 2021-09-03