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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 11 May 2021)


Access to the School

Once you are registered as a student at Umeå University, you will receive a key card that will give you access to the school 24/7 during the study year. The card also functions as activation for printers, and as a personal student ID card on all Umeå University campuses. The card needs to be updated once a term, using the card reader placed outside HumlabX.

If you have trouble with the card, or access does not work, please talk to our house technician Anders Hellström.

Access during summer

The school will close between mid-June and late August every year. Normally, the school closes two weeks after the end of term, and re-opens one week before the start of autumn term.

The UmU card access will be inactivated during summer for all students. If you have a specific reason for needing access to the school during this period - for example if you have unfinished course work that requires UID equipment - please talk to your programme director about this. If your programme director agrees that you need access for an extended period after the end of the spring term, or before the autumn term starts, she/he will then notify the Head of Department, who makes the formal decision of extending access and notifies the house technician to prolong the card access.