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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 11 May 2021)


Student Studios

Full time students at UID all have their individual study place in one of our student studios. Each student is provided with a height adjustable desk, office chair, storage unit, shelf and desk light in an open office studio. The studios include social areas with sofas, and some studios also provide teaching and learning areas with whiteboard and projector or screen.

At Umeå Institute of Design, we currently have four studios: Two on the ground floor, two on the first floor, and one on the top floor. A revision is made yearly based on student numbers and pedagogical considerations relating to the different educational curricula as to how the studio spaces are used and distributed between the educations.

Studio culture

The student studios at UID are spaces that should support both individual and collective learning and development in the field of design, in a social, open, considerate and collaborative spirit. Focus in the studio should be on sharing, learning and helping each other develop as much as possible as a designer and as a person during the time spent at UID. Cross-studio visits are more than welcome, but please ask/check with the studio inhabitants if this is a good time to visit, ask for help or socialize.

To support this, some basics of studio life is that:

  • Everyone is responsible for maintaining an atmosphere that allows individuals to focus on their work
  • We talk in a low voice, at each others' desks and not across desks or distances,
  • Headphones are used for listening to music etc (no loudspeakers),
  • Phone conversations are held outside the studio,
  • Group work is carried out in other places than the studio
  • All cables are attached to the desk to facilitate cleaning of the floor,
  • Garbage and waste is recycled/deposited in the right place by the person that generated it,
  • Meals are not had in the studio, but in the Atrium or other social areas,
  • Stuff is stored in shelves and other spaces, not on the floor,
  • Foam models are allowed in the studio only after they painted or coated