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Zoom for students - a guide

Zoom is a digital tool for online teaching and meetings. It’s also a great tool for you to meet and collaborate with your classmates. As a student you can both participate and host a meeting. This is a guide to the most common functions in Zoom. As a student you login to Zoom using your Umu-id.

Create an account and log in

Go to http://zoom.umu.se/

Choose "Sign in with SSO" and login with your Umu-id.

Download and install Zoom on Windows

Download and install Zoom on Mac OS

Join a meeting

Click the link you received in the invitation. The invitation should also state who is hosting the meeting and time of the meeting. First time using Zoom? See above.


Joining a Meeting

Start a new meeting

You can start a new meeting both via the Zoom software you have downloaded onto your computer or by logging in to zoom.umu.se > My account >Meetings.

If you sign in with your Umu-id, you can host meetings that are longer than 40 minutes.


Schedule a new meeting

Invite participants

You can invite participants via a link or directly from your Zoom room. The link to the meeting can be sent in an email or published in a learning platform.


Alternatives for inviting participants

Learn to navigate a Zoom meeting

Once you have joined a Zoom meeting you can adjust your audio and video settings, chat, share files and links, share your screen, etc.


Audio and video settings for a Zoom meeting

About the chat

Share files through the chat


Record my meeting and publish it

You can record a meeting, save it to your computer and upload it to your learning platform via UmU Play. Please remember to inform the other meeting participants that you will be recording and how you intend to use the recording. 


Record a Zoom meeting

Manage my participants

As a host (which is most often the person who invited to the meeting) or a co-host, you access more controls than what the participants have. You can, for instance, give someone the right to speak if they raise their hand.


Manage participants

Create groups ("breakout rooms")

You can divide your participants into groups during an ongoing meeting, for instance for discussions in ”beehives”.


Creating and managing "breakout rooms"

Show a whiteboard

You can share a whiteboard using ”shared screen” in order to draw or sketch something together with your participants.


Use the whiteboard to make notes

Create interactivity through a poll

Zoom has a built-in polling feature. If you cannot see this in your meeting, you may need to activate the function under ”Meeting settings”.


Create polls for my Zoom meetings


All the manuals for Zoom at Umeå university.

More manuals and videos can be found in Zoom’s Help Center.

Latest update: 2022-04-01