Image: Lisa Nyberg

Research seminars

In 2023 Umeå Academy of Fine Arts is hosting a series of talks aiming to circle what artistic research, or practice based research in fine arts, can look like. We offer a mix of internal seminars focusing on the research identity and multiplicity of this school, and seminars with invited guests open for the whole arts campus. The seminars are focused on the sharing of ideas, inviting all participants to add to the conversation.


Spring term 2024

5 February – Gerd Aurell

21 March – Magnus Bärtås

29 April – Edith Marie Pasquier

20 May – Annika Eriksson

Loulou Cherinet – date not set


Autumn term 2023

25 September - Lisa Nyberg 

30 October – EvaMarie Lindahl

14 November –  (to be announced)

4 December – Edith Marie Paquier


Spring term 2023

6 februari - Imri Sandström // Writing Visual Relations

20 februari - Simon Gran-Danielsson // On Method

20 mars - Micael Norberg // Subjectivity: On the personal and the private

24 april - Balázs Kicsiny

22 maj - Per Nilsson



Latest update: 2023-09-15