Life drawing 1, 7.5 hp

Engelskt namn: Kroki 1
This syllabus is valid: 2019-03-18 and until further notice
Course code: 5ID221
Högskolepoäng: 7.5
Utbildningsnivå: First cycle
Main Field of Study and progress level: Industrial Design: First cycle, has only upper-secondary level entry requirements
Grading scale: Two-grade scale
Responsible department: Umeå Institute of Design (UID)
Beslutad av: Faculty Board of Science and Technology, 2019-03-11


The aim of the course is to train the ability to see and express forms by practicing drawing of a life model. Basis for the course is to work with the vision as foundation for drawing.
Focus for the course, in addition to perception and cognitive processes, are shape, volume, balance, weight, spatiality and movement through exercises in sketching technique to reproduce the body as a whole, proportions and structure in relation to image construction. Specific methods and concepts for the area are also introduced during the course.
Model drawing is one of the basic skills in the artistic field that constantly needs to be practiced and trained in order for the practitioner to develop perception in relation to drawing methodology, handling sketching tools, and to develop personal ability to express oneself in image. The course is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced artists.
The course is divided into three modules:

  • The line as a constructive element, 2.5 hp
  • Light and darkness, 2.5 hp
  • Texture, pattern and spaciousness, 2.5 credit

Required Knowledge

General entry requirements


Valid from: 2019 week 36

Modellteckningens grunder
Dahl Peter, Dahl Peter
[Ny, omarb. och utök. utg.] : Stockholm : Norstedt : 1989 : 64 s. :
ISBN: 91-1-884112-0
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Melin Björn
Teckna och måla : en modell [för studier av yta, volym, bildrum, rörelse, anatomi, proportioner, croquis, färg, bild och avbild, färg- och formövningar]
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ISBN: 91-46-15847-2
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