UID's leading research and education helps companies, entrepreneurs and communities unlock their innovation potential through a wide range of activities.

For more than twenty years, we have worked with local, national and international partners within research, industry and civil society. Fostering a culture promoting collaboration on multiple levels allows students and researchers to experience working in a truly multidisciplinary environment.

Throughout our history, external collaborations have constituted a foundational pillar as we strive to better prepare students and researchers to create a more sustainable future through design.

A value-driven approach

All collaborative endeavours are designed to align with our core values. Collaborative opportunities are considered of specific strategic importance when they:

  • Allow criticality and a life-centric approach to design
  • Promote the value of diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and culture
  • Link together education, research, practice and society as a whole
  • Support sustainability and social innovation
  • Promote internationalisation in research and education

"During my education, I had the chance to work on pivotal projects with amazing companies like Sony, IKEA, Boeing, Toyota, Spotify, Google and many more"

Bilgi Karan, UX Responsible at IKEA & UID alumnus

Student collaborations

A main feature of the educational programmes offered at UID is the close collaboration with industrial partners.

Research collaborations

Research collaboration is fundamental: with other academic environments as well as with non-academic organisations, companies and people.


Alumni make up an integral part of the UID community and we are committed to keeping in touch with former students throughout their careers.

Strategies for collaboration

  • Student project collaborations are carried out together with ethical and responsible partners.

  • Academic exchange agreements encourages movement, developing the competence of students and staff.

  • Research and education networks disseminate our knowledge production and provides peer feedback.

  • The UID alumni network allows an active communication with former students and staff.

  • The annual Design Talks & Degree Show showcases our academic production while offering new collaborations.

  • Contract education allows professionals to extend their knowledge in the ever-evolving field of design.

  • The local design community provides a platform for projecting UID onto national and international arenas.

Latest update: 2024-04-03