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Meet Cem

Name: Cem Y.

Programme: Master’s Programme in Accounting, Alumni

From: Born and raised in Osnabrück, currently living and working in Düsseldorf


What have you been working with since graduating from our program?

After Graduation completed a graduate programme at the headquarter of HSBC in Düsseldorf, received a great overview on different lines of business and processes of the bank. Now, I am working in the Debt Capital Markets departments of HSBC Germany where we raise Debt Capital for Issuers and connect them with investors.

What was it that made you apply for the programme here in Umeå?

The unique and outstanding educational offer, great community and surely the fantastic nature.

What is it that you liked with the program?

Excellent organization, demanding and supporting education as well as strong student community. After studying in 4 different countries I can conclude the high standards of the Swedish education. I also liked a lot the diverse events of USBE that are organised, which have different focus areas (culture, future employment, sports, etc.)

Personally, one of my biggest advantage was to attend the Double Degree Master program. I had the chance to gain knowledge and experience of the best of two programs from two university compromised within one. Sweden and France are obviously different.

To get chance to graduate and receive education from two very different Business Schools is a very big asset not just in your CV. Also, this opportunity is very supported (monetary & non-monetary) by USBE.

What is it that you liked about Umeå?

The high concentration of students of the total population. Variety of international students, even though it is a smaller city in the north of Sweden far away from any metropolitan.
Safety, friendly and helpful people, sports and cultural offers.

Is there any unexpected side of Swedish culture that you would like to tell us about?

Also, Sweden has such a great culture that is still existent even though the country is very developed as countries like Singapore with poor cultural background in comparison. I did not now about the great and traditional cuisine of Sweden so I tried many great Swedish dishes for the first time and do only recommend them heavily!

During my one year I also learned a lot about the history and festivals that Sweden is celebrating. Prior to that I had no point of touch with it before.

An example is for instance the celebration of mid-summer, which is a great gathering together, traditional dress and ceremonies that I find very cool, especially nowadays. Also, I do recommend every student (especially Germans) to learn Swedish as it is very similar to German.

Do you have any advice to students that are thinking of applying to our programs?

Do it! I have just positive experience during and after my time in Umeå to tell you. Education wise it helped me to deepen my knowledge, I could further develop my personal skills and bring my English skills up to the next level.

How do you think your stay in Umeå contributed to your career?

All in all, my stay in Umeå had a significant impact through different points of views. As the education is excellent, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot especially with case studies that are very relevant. The variety of internationals enabled me to gain insights from different cultures, which enriched my personally a lot. This still helps me to understand complex issues that cannot be taught, you have to experience.