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Meet Eva-Maria

Name: Eva-Maria Paul

Program: Master's Programme in Business Development and Internationalisation, 3rd semester and on exchange studies in Grenoble Ecole de Management, France.

From: Hachenburg a really small town in the West part of Germany (close to Cologne).


What would you like to work with when you graduate?

I would like to start working in the field of business development and innovation with specialization in corporate sustainability.

What was it that made you apply for the programme in Umeå?

No university in Germany offered any similar programs and it was exactly the kind of specialization I was searching for. Other than that, I like to get to know new cultures and to study abroad. Since I have never been to Sweden I was very interested in the country and the different teaching style the university offered.

What is it best with the program?

I really like the fact that you only have one module at a time you can focus on since in Germany you often have five courses running in parallel which makes it hard to keep up on every one of them. Furthermore, I really like that the university places great attention to reading and studying academic articles instead of learning for exams by hard and forgetting about it afterwards. I feel the learning outcomes are much higher than what I have experienced before. Additionally, I like that we were able to choose most of the modules ourselves which gave us the opportunity to pick what we are interested in.

Moreover, I like the fact that the university offers to study a semester abroad at one of their partner universities. I really enjoy my time here and have made great experiences by studying in France so far.

What is best with Umeå?

What I like about the city is that it is a young city where you can meet students from all over the world. Other than that, it offers great bars and clubs and restaurants where you can enjoy student life and catch up with friends. What I like the most about the city is the nature all around with plenty of lakes to swim, a lot of trails to hike and also the sea which is close by. I also enjoyed every kind of winter sport activities such as skiing or ice skating as I haven’t had that opportunity in Germany due to a totally different climate.

Living in Sweden and the Swedish culture

I feel like people in the north of Sweden are more introvert and not easy to get to know. However, once you break the ice they are the most lovely and helpful kind of persons you can wish for.

Do you have any advice to German students that are thinking of applying to our programs?

I can highly recommend any student from Germany to come to Sweden as I am most certain it will be an unforgettable experience. My advice is to bring a daylight lamp as winter can be quite dark and depressing sometimes with only a couple of hours of daylight.