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Meet Lorenz

Name: Lorenz Liebler

Programme: Master's Programme in Management, 3rd semester. Exchange studies in Mexico City at the IPADE Business School.

From: Würzburg, a small but beautiful city in Bavaria.

What would you like to work with when you graduate?

I would like to work in an industry that is involved in the change of the future and influencing the future actively too. Therefore, I am highly interested in transportation. For example, the automotive industry. Another aspect is how transportation will look like in a modern city and the way it will or has to change.

A second industry where I see myself is strongly data-driven like Smart Manufacturing, Logistics or software services.

What was it that made you apply for the programme here in Umeå?

After my bachelor's programme in business administration, I knew I would like to study a master's programme in Sweden. During my research for different universities and programs, the master programme in management really caught my attention, since I believe the mix of the different mandatory and free choose able modules are a great fundament for my later professional career.

What is it that you like with the programme so far?

First, the different structures of all programs. Meaning all modules are taught in series and often build in succession not sequential like in Germany. You can focus for four weeks intensively on one specific subject and deepen and strengthen the acquired knowledge. Second, each course contains additionally to individual studies one group work part with several presentations and at least one report.

What is it that you like about Umeå?

  • The tranquillity of the city, which provides a great atmosphere for studying.
  • A Start-up mentality and atmosphere
  • Nature and landscapes around Umeå
  • The people
  • The autumn and winter even though I consider myself as a summer child

Is there any unexpected side of Swedish culture that you would like to tell us about?

At first, the people are more closed than I expected, but when you get closer to them they are just awesome.

Do you have any advice on German students that are thinking of applying to our programs?

Don’t be afraid of the Winter. Yes, it will be cold, BUT you will love the winter up in the north. It's a different winter compared with the one in Germany. You will have snow all the time and beautiful frozen lakes the whole winter. And the Lapland is so close to Umeå and you are able to see the northern lights in Umeå too, which is an experience that you will never forget.

And more important, studying in Umeå will give you a different view of how to see and solve problems.