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UPL offers a wide variety of activities that support teachers and researchers in their pedagogical development and facilitate professional development. These include courses, workshops and seminars for teaching staff at Umeå University.

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The courses are designed to challenge and develop the pedagogical skills that are essential for university teachers. The courses provide qualifications for permanent employment and promotion for teachers at university level and contribute to teaching awards for university teachers. Around 350-400 teachers participate each year in our courses or workshops.

The target groups for our activities are doctoral students, teachers, departments, program management, faculty boards and other actors within university management and administration.

UPL aims to decrease the gap between traditional campus-based teaching and teaching in digital environments or with digital tools. To achieve this UPL aims to develop teachers' pedagogical digital competence (PDK) through courses, consultancy services and projects. We also offer both pedagogical and technical support regarding the university's digital teaching and learning environments.


We offer courses in Swedish and in English and our courses range from beginners courses to in-depth courses.

Beginners' course

Our beginners' course is called 'New as a University Teacher' and is a preparatory course for the inexperienced teacher. No previous knowledge or teaching experience is required.

Basic course

The basic course is designed to contribute to qualification for employment as a university teacher. 'Basic course in higher education' is both a campus course and an online course.

In-depth course

Our in-depth courses provide teachers with enhanced knowledge within specific areas of higher education. Two of our in-depth courses are 'Problem based learning (PBL) and the Case method' and 'Assessment and Evaluation'.

We also offer courses in supervision, for example 'Post graduate supervision in practice'.


Our workshops aim to contribute to broadening or deepening knowledge in the field of university education. We have, among other things, introductory workshops in the university's e-learning systems, workshops in accessibility in education and workshops for the development of a personal teaching portfolio.


Our seminars are offered within our local networks with the aim of stimulating collegial professional development. We have a seminar series for our Pedagogical leaders (SPA), a seminar series for post graduate supervisors (HandUm) and a seminar series for awarded teachers (PIL), which provides a platform for sharing ideas and experiences regarding educational development.