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Centre for Regional Science

The Center for Regional Science at Umeå University (CERUM) was established by the national government in 1983 with the task of initiating and carrying out research on regional development, conducting interdisciplinary research projects and disseminating knowledge and research results to various societal interests. Through our location at Umeå University, CERUM also has a natural task of analyzing issues of particular interest to northern Sweden and northern Europe.

At CERUM, cross-disciplinary research is conducted primarily linked to regional development, effects of the location of various assets, local labor markets and the regional distribution of human capital, transport, sustainability, growth, migration, culture, statistical methods, geographic information systems (GIS) as well as spatial statistics and public policy.

Collaboration is carried out with researchers nationally as well as internationally. Together with CERUM's broad anchoring at Umeå University, CERUM thus forms a unique interdisciplinary environment from a Swedish perspective for regional science research which spans subject areas such as economics, economic geography, economic history, political science, business administration, statistics and mathematics.

CERUM also carries out externally funded research assignments, seminars and publishes popular science articles and books. Feel free to contact us for cooperation and assignments!