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Published: 2021-05-19

Sania Dzalbe awarded for best undergraduate thesis

NEWS The Gösta Skolglund International Foundations’ price for best undergraduate thesis in regional science 2021 will be awarded Sania Dzalbe for her thesis "Spatial visibility of Greenlanders in Aalborg Denmark".

Text: Elin Andersson

Supervisor: Associate Professor Madeleine Eriksson at the Department of Geography at Umeå University.


The thesis Spatial visibility of Greenlanders in Aalborg Denmark by Sania Dzalbe focuses on equitable spatial planning practices, more specifically how spatial planning has the capacity to shape the everyday experiences of people, and thus empower and discourage certain behaviors.  The thesis which explores the spatial visibility of the Greenlandic community in Aalborg (North Jutland, DK), show how certain perceptions of urban communities and places materialize may lead to social segregation and exclusion in cities. The thesis brings attention to the social effects of increasing urbanization and regional mobility as well as the future of human-environment interaction in the context of spatial planning.

The award ceremony will be in connection with the CERUM/RSAS seminar on May 20 at 15.00. Sania will present her thesis at the CERUM/RSAS seminar on June 10 at 15.00-16.00.

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Sania Dzalbe
Doctoral student