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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 18 November 2020)


About the centre

The Centre for Sustainable Cement and Quicklime Production aims at:

•generating new knowledge related to production of cement clinker, quicklime and burned dolomite, with focus on production capacity, energy efficiency, product quality, emissions and sustainability.

• supporting industries with application of new knowledge to prevent operational problems, securing product quality, lowering of energy consumption and emissions, supporting circular economy, and with experimental full scale experiments, process development and innovation.

• developing a strong research environment that attracts strong researchers.

• constitute a platform where research projects and industry jointly contribute to a sustainable development of the mineral processing industry.

The Centre for Sustainable Cement and Quicklime Production at Umeå University is established together with Cementa AB, SMA Mineral AB, Nordkalk AB and the Swedish Mineral Processing Research Association (MinFo).

The activities within the Centre are founded mainly by the industries (cash and in-kind), Ellen, Walter and Lennart Hesselmans foundation, Umeå University, The Swedish Energy Agency, and the Industrial Research School at Umeå University.