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NatureCareers and ResearchGate job announcements

The KBC Communications office can help you with expanding your candidate search by posting a job announcement at NatureCareers and ResearchGate.

Since 2017, the KBC is purchasing job packages for announcing open positions at NatureCareers (NatureJobs) and ResearchGate. Researchers from the KBC departments can use job adverts out of these packages for announcing open positions/fellowships for a reduced price and expanding their candidate search internationally to find high-qualified candidates. The KBC Communications Office assists in posting the position/fellowship adverts on the respective job portals and the KBC administrator is sending internal invoices to the researchers.

Please contact if you need more information or would like to post a recruitment ad at NatureCareers and/or ResearchGate.

Job announcements at NatureCareers

KBC has got a package of ‘enhanced’  (=more visible than standard ‘branded’ adverts) jobs announcements at NatureCareers with a price of 315 GBP/per ad (60 days), which is a 60% reduction of the original price.

Job announcements at ResearchGate

The announcement within the KBC bulk order package is 300€/per ad (standard 30 days with an extension for free up to 45 days on request), which is a 25% reduction of the original price.