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NatureCareers and ResearchGate job announcements

The KBC Communications office can help you with expanding your candidate search by posting a job announcement at NatureCareers and ResearchGate.

Since 2017, KBC is purchasing packages for announcing open positions/fellowships at NatureCareers (former NatureJobs) and ResearchGate, which allows posting recruitment ads for a reduced price and expanding candidate search internationally to find high-qualified candidates.

The KBC Communications officers assist in posting the position/fellowship adverts on the respective job portals (our services are completely free of charge!), and the KBC's financial administrator sends internal invoices to the recruiting researchers.

This service is open for all researchers from the KBC environment as well as all life science-oriented departments/centres/units at UmU and SLU Umeå

Please contact info.kbc@umu.se if you need more information or would like to post a recruitment ad at NatureCareers and/or ResearchGate.

Job announcements at NatureCareers

From June 2023, KBC has a contract with NatureCareers for an annual unlimited jobs feed. Within this contract, all job ads from the KBC package will be announced as "branded" adverts for up to 60 days of posting time with a 35% discount from the original price per ad. 

Please note that the actual price per ad is affected by the changes in the currency exchange rates. The price per ad for the current job ad package is 7 268 SEK (incl. overheads).

If you would be interested in upgrading your recruitment post for even higher visibility, the following rates will be applied on top of the price of a branded job ad:

- Upgrade to Enhanced (+ ca 100 GBP) or Premium (+ ca 355 GBP) levels that receive higher prioritisation than our current Branded level;
- ‘Job of the week’ feature that is now applied to a single job for the total week and is now a paid service costing 530 GBP.
- A featured job option which refers to the 3 featured jobs on rotation on the site - this upgrade costs 256 GBP.

Job announcements at ResearchGate

From June 2023, KBC has a new bulk order package of recruitment ads at ResearchGate. Each vacancy can be posted for up to 60 days with a 40% discount compared to the original price of an individual ad (the discount for a shorter term, up to 30 days a post, is 10%).

Please note that the actual price per ad and the KBC-package discount % are affected by the changes in the currency exchange rates. For the current job ad package, the price per ad is 5 179 SEK (incl. overheads).

NEW OPTION: Within the contract with ResearchGate, we can use Candidate search - a new feature on ResearchGate that enables registered recruiters to directly contact ResearchGate members in connection with job opportunities. If it is relevant to your recruitment campaign and you are interested in this option, please contact info.kbc@umu.se for more information. 

Latest update: 2024-05-15