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Campus Örnsköldsvik

Image: Åke Byström

In Örnsköldsvik, Umeå University develops educational programmes together with companies and organisations in the region.

Campus Örnsköldsvik is situated in the city centre (110 km south of Umeå), near the beautiful harbour. In the same block, there is also a student library, public library and learning centre. There are also a number of lunch restaurants and cafés nearby, as well as a fitness centre and indoor bathing facility.

The good and nurturing environment for higher education gives our students a platform for reaching out and cooperating with companies and the public sector in Örnsköldsvik during their study period. The Regional Office is run by Umeå University's External Relations Office and part of our mission here is to build bridges between students/academia and the local trade and industry.


Örnsköldsvik is situated 560 km north of Stockholm and 110 km south of Umeå. You can travel there via bus, train, car or air.  Flights from Stockholm-Arlanda take approximately one hour.

Contact information Campus Örnsköldsvik

Postal address
Umeå University
Campus Örnsköldsvik
891 33 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Visiting address
Universitetshuset, Lasarettsgatan 7, Örnsköldsvik
Phone: +46 (0)660-29 25 00

Contact persons

Lena Johansson
Latest update: 2020-11-12