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National test and Test Bank

In the Department of Applied Educational Science there exists a long tradition and a solid experience of developing tests for upper secondary schools and in recent years also for primary and lower secondary schools.

The first mission in 1987 concerned the construction of central tests in chemistry and physics. In connection with the new curriculum of 1994 the Department was commissioned to develop national course tests in mathematics based on the objective- and criterion-referenced syllabuses. The mission was then augmented with test material for the Agency of Education's Test Bank in physics and later on in biology and chemistry too. In 2008 the Department was also commissioned to develop the national subject tests in biology, physics and chemistry for primary and lower secondary schools.

On commission by the Agency of Education the project is now developing

national course tests in mathematics 2-4
national course tests in biology, physics and chemistry
a test bank in physics, chemistry and mathematics

A working team in the Department is responsible for constructing and trying out material for the tests in collaboration with a large number of teachers and pupils. As an integrated part of the development work with the national tests and the Test Bank, work is conducted with analyses of and reports on test results. Different questions connected to question banks, tests and assessments in the scientific areas of subject didactics and behavioural science measurements are processed in different research projects.

Latest update: 2023-01-17