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The Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test - SweSAT

The Department of Applied Educational Science conducts construction, analysis, evaluation and research and development regarding the Swedish Scholastic Assessment Test.
Ever since 1977 the test has functioned as an instrument of selection to higher education. There is great interest among applicants to higher education in taking the test and thereby being able to compete in two selection groups.
Producing a test of the importance that the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test has involves extensive work. It takes up to two years to produce a test, from the first proposal for questions to a completed test. At present 14 people are working full or part time with construction and development of and research on the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Since 2006 the Department has been commissioned to develop and try out new subtests for the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test for the purpose of finding complements to the current subtests. The objective was to create an even distribution between the number of verbal and quantitative questions. The work of developing new subtests has now been finished and has resulted in a proposal for a test composition from the autumn of 2011 onwards. Further development work for the implementation of the new test remains to be done, such as e.g. producing a model for equalising new and old test results.