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Pedagogical Vision of the Educational Environment at the department

Our educational environment is grounded in three core principles. They represent our ambition and standpoint as to which are the most central themes for public health education, research, policy and practice.

The core principles permeate especially the content of our teaching at our master programs, and are formulated as follows:

  • Everyone has the right to health and healthcare
  • Health is embedded in society, environment and shaped by history
  • Inequities threaten public health

The core principles embrace our pedagogical vision, which is inspired by the concept of transformative learning. This pedagogical vision is aided by close interaction between research and teaching, and our emphasis on understanding both qualitative and quantitative methods. The vision takes its practical expression in the following didactic strategies, which guide the planning and implementation of our teaching activities:

  • Active learning through a student perspective
  • Collaborative learning
  • Reflective approach to learning

We use the core principles, pedagogical vision, and didactic strategies - and the interface and interplay between them- as helpful tools to assess, reflect on and develop our educational environment.

Latest update: 2021-01-22