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Doctoral and Licentiate studies

The Department of Political Science offers a PhD in political science. As a part of the PhD studies, it is also possible to obtain a Licentiate degree.

It is the ambition of our department to have about ten active doctoral students. We aim to admit a couple of new students each year and that the same number complete their studies. About twenty professors and associate professors, and senior lecturers, are supervisors for the doctoral students.

The programme aiming at a PhD degree in political science (filosofie doktorsexamen) consists of 240 ECTS. The licentiate degree in political science (filosofie licentiatexamen) consists of 120 ECTS (equivalent to up to two years of full time studies).

The postgraduate programme consists of

  • A written thesis
  • Active participation in the Research Seminar, which is devoted to the presentation and discussion of ongoing research
  • Compulsory and optional courses

General eligibility requirements
To be eligible to apply for a PhD place in Political Science at Umeå University, you must have 240 ECTS. At least 90 ECTS must be in political science or peace and conflict studies (or equivalent) and at least 60 ECTS must be at advanced level (i.e. Masters level). For admission, a degree awarded at the Advanced level of study is a prerequisite. All our doctoral studies positions are advertised on the university home page.

Doctoral studies in our department are preferably conducted in collaboration with one or more of the five research profiles.

Please note that we only accept graduate students after open calls on the university homepage, link below (Open positions). Likewise, we do not pre-judge or pre-evaluate applications, these are only reviewed in conjunction with an open and advertised call.

For additional information, please contact

Postgraduate programme coordinator

Head of Department

Magnus Blomgren
Associate professor