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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 27 November 2020)



Affiliated staff

Daniel Eriksson Sörman, other position

I am a PhD in psychology. My main area of interest is to further understand how cognitive functioning relates to aging, exercise, sports, bilingualism, occupation, and health.

Eva Magnusson, professor emerita
Hanna Hartleb, other position
Helene Ohlsson, other position
Jan Bergdahl, professor emeritus
Jessica K Ljungberg, other position

My research interests at the moment spans across the following areas: Attention, Aging, Memory, Brain Training, Distraction, Human-Computer Interaction, Pilot's Work Situation and Education, and Ice Hockey (though the last is probably more of a leisure interest :-)). 

Kristina Westerberg, professor emerita

My field is work- and organization psychology. Some key words are: leadership, organization, health and performance.

Linda Gjertsson, other position
Maria Hällström, other position
Marine Ekman, other position
Reijo Alhonen, other position
Ylva Varmin, other position
Åke Olofsson, professor emeritus