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About the Department

The Sociology Department is one of the departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences. It was established in 1966 and now employs 60 persons.

The Department of Sociology offers undergraduate courses in Sociology and Social Psychology. The Department also provides courses in various subjects related to the Sociology of Working Life. The Department of Sociology is also involved in a number of joint study programmes with other departments for example Human Resource Management Programme, The Sociology Programme.

A variety of graduate courses, for example in sociological theory and research methodology, are offered each year. Some of the courses are taught in the English language.

The PhD education is carried out in close collaboration with leading researchers at the department. The aim is to integrate the PhD students into existing research groups at the department. The PhD education is not focused on any specific topic within Sociology, but the content of the thesis should be within the framework of existing research at the department.

The Department has strong research teams in different areas for example Ageing, Culture and Media, Ethnicity, Gender, Labour Market and Working Life, Information and Knowledge.

The department is very successful within the framework of social welfare research, which belongs to one out of twelve prioritized research areas at the University.

Research at the department includes areas like: welfare state and working life research, research about opinions and values, information and knowledge, cultural studies, sociology of history, ethnic studies, gender studies, health studies and much more.

Latest update: 2023-02-14