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Experiences from Umeå will make Adolfo a better lawyer in Mexico City

Already a lawyer in his home-country, Adolfo Canales wanted to study more constitutional law and human rights and at the same time experience the northern parts of Sweden.

What made you interested in applying for the programme?
I am a lawyer since 2017 and I wanted to study more constitutional law. I was looking for the best LLM in Constitutional Law in Sweden, and Umeå University seemed like the perfect place for me that also wanted to experience the northern parts of Sweden. 

What do you think about the programme and the teachers/teaching?
I think the programme has been quite challenging, but the teachers have been very supportive through the entire course, and they know their subjects really really well. The courses consists of a good mix of seminars, lectures, guest professors etc.

What do you like to do in Umeå outside the university?
I like to spend time with my corridor mates, I like to go downtown - it is easy to walk everywhere! Of course enjoy the nature which is really breathtaking, I like the snow and I still hope to see the Aurora light.

Do you have any advice for the students that are thinking of applying? What would you have like to known before you came here?
Get ready for a cold winter, bring enough warm clothes, and try to sort your accommodation out as soon as possible. Regarding the programme, you will have to work a lot in groups and you should come with an open mind to meet people from all the continents, is a very international Master.

Swedish people are very nice, polite, friendly and respectful. They laugh a lot and are not as cold as described.

Are there any differences between studying in Sweden and your home-country?
Yes, here the studies are a mix of lectures and seminars, in my home country studies are mainly lectures and the students have less opportunity to work out on their own.

What are your plans after you graduate?
I am going back to my home country and I will continue work as a lawyer in human rights and criminal law. This experience is useful to my practice.

Favourite Swedish word or custom?
Fika is always nice! My favorite Swedish fika is prinsesstårta (a traditional Swedish marzipan cake). Unfortunately I haven't learned any Swedish, but there is no need to either because everybody speaks good English.

Adolfo Canales
Where are you from?
Mexico City, Mexico