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Meet Franziska

Name: Franziska Paul

Program: Master's Programme in Business Development and Internationalisation, 3rd Semester.

From: I’m from a tiny town called Hachenburg (1.5 hours from Cologne)


What would you like to work with when you graduate?

I’m first planning to do a traineeship in a multinational to get additional industry insights and then are striving to become a manager in the field of Innovation / Business development/ Strategy development

What was it that made you apply for the program here in Umeå?

I worked as a working student in the field of Business Development during my Bachelor and liked it a lot. Thus, I was searching for a Master Program in that field and ended up liking the one in Umeå the most.

What is it that you like with the program so far?

I especially like the practical orientation and the fact that we had the chance to directly work together with well-established companies. Other than that, I like that the modules are run one after the other so you can fully concentrate on each of them.

What is it that you like about Umeå?

I like the vibe of the city and that there is always something going on. Besides, I like the organization of traffic (Bicycle city), IKSU(incredible offer of sports classes), the standard of living, the snow and especially the friendliness and relaxed attitude of the people

Is there any unexpected side of Swedish culture that you would like to tell us about?

Everyone speaks english almost fluently. I love the extend of how much they value their “Fika”.

Do you have any advice to students that are thinking of applying to our programs?

  • Bring warm clothes 😊
  • Become part of the buddy program, subscribe in IKSU, get a bike asap.
  • Take into consideration that the fundamental way of learning is based on group work.