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Alumna Hanna Forsberg

Program: Master's Program in Management
Start of education: 2016
Job Title: Business Developer
Company: VisaUppskattning in Stockholm
Nationality: Swedish
Country of residence: Sweden

A few words about your daily work tasks and responsibilities

I am developing a new web shop, so my daily work tasks is all about meeting suppliers and trying to make it possible for companies to buy more environmental friendly products for their marketing campaigns.

A few words about your career. Where you started after graduation and how your career have progressed

I started at VisaUppskattning right after graduation as an account manager selling Christmas gifts for companies for about 6 months, after that I got the opportunity to become business developer and start a new part of the same company, that eventually probably will become its own corporation.

Any advice you would like to give to current students

You don't know about all the opportunities out there, I had no idea this company even existed but fell over it in a Facebook group so don't worry, you will get employed. Write a thesis in a subject you are really interested in, it will get way more fun that way. And be effective, then you will have more time to enjoy your last semester with cheap beer.

Published: 2019-03-22