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Programme syllabus:

Master's Programme in Robotics and Control, 120 Credits

Swedish name: Masterprogrammet i robotik och reglerteknik

This programme syllabus is valid: HT14 and until further notice

Programme code: TAROM

Credit points: 120

Registration number: 514-2812-12

Responsible faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology

Revised by: Faculty Board of Science and Technology, 2014-10-07

Entry Requirements

A Bachelor's or Bachelor of Engineering degree (equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen or Högskoleingenjörsexamen, 180 ECTS) from an internationally recognised university. Special requirements are 15 ECTS in Computing Science, 7.5 ECTS in Electronics, 30 ECTS in Mathematics, 7.5 ECTS in Mathematical Statistics and proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary course English A/5. If you are in your final year of undergraduate studies when you apply, you must attach a certified document from your home university with a course outline for the last semester and a statement of when you are expected to graduate.