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AI Literacy: Research

Time Tuesday 23 April, 2024 at 13:00 - 16:00
Place Humlab

The humanities faculty has instructed Humlab to develop and conduct several practical workshops during the spring of 2024 to enhance AI literacy within Umeå University. This workshop has at least 10 spots reserved for staff at Humfak, the rest are open for all employees at Umeå University. 

The workshop format is 3 x 45 minutes. Two-thirds of workshop is precisely the same for all: About AI, AI Ecosystem, Fundamentals of Generative AI, Prompting Methods, Bias and Ethics, etc. The final 45 minutes is specifically focused on each target group; that is, research, teaching or admin.

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Part 1 - Introduction to AI

What is AI?
Understanding generative AI
Introduction to large language models
Discussion on algorithmic bias
Understanding hallucination in AI
Case study: Real application of generative AI

Part 2 - ChatGPT4 vs Copilot

Introduction to ChatGPT4 and Copilot
GDPR and functionality of ChatGPT4 and Copilot
Prompt Engineering
Practical activity: Hands-on exercises with Copilot & ChatGPT

Part 3 - AI with a focus on research

Introduction to AI applications in research
Group discussion: How can AI be integrated into your work?


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Organizer: Humlab
Event type: Workshop
Satish Strömberg
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