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Image: Mattis Lindmark


Humlab is a unit and a research infrastructure at the Faculty of Arts. Our mission is to initiate, inspire and develop the interaction between traditional humanities, culture and information technology in research, postgraduate education and teaching.

Research and education


A technical and intellectual infrastructure for humanistic issues in relation to IT and the digital.

Program activities

Humlab Talks, Humlab SHARE and Humlab Tech Breakfast.


Involving digital elements in teaching.

Use Humlab

Our facilities

Humlab has great facilities which can be booked by everyone with connection to our activities.

Access to Humlab

You need to apply to gain access to our lab.


Our support staff will help you if there is any problem with the equipment in the lab.


AI needs a queer perspective for an inclusive future

New article argues that queer perspective on AI can help identify the risks of facial recognition.

Online event: How does artificial intelligence affect children and education?

WASP-HS arranges event on how artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, affects children and education.



Our affiliated researchers and doctoral students are an important part of Humlab's research environment.

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