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Arctic Seminar: Audrey Schillings

Time Monday 6 November, 2023 at 12:00 - 13:00
Place Fatmomakke, NBET & Online

From a conference dinner to a scientific expedition in the Eidembukta lagoon, Svalbard. 

On this Arctic Seminar, the Arctic Centre at Umeå University invites Audrey Schillings, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Physics, and an Arctic Five Fellow. She will present her collaboration with a Lithuanian team from the Marine Research Institute at the Klaipeda University, where she joined on an investigation of a lagoon at the Eidembukta bay, Svalbard.

The Arctic and Svalbard are vulnerable eco-systems constantly evolving and drastically changing due to global warming. A team from the marine research institute at the Klaipeda University, Lithuania, discovered a lagoon in the Eidembukta bay on Svalbard a few years ago and started to investigate it. I met them at a conference dinner and got onboard for the next scientific expedition in August 2023 at the lagoon area.

During this seminar, Schillings will present how the collaboration started, her contribution to the Lithuanian project and finally the expedition itself, highlighting the planning and executing of a scientific expedition, the challenges faced, the methodology/instruments employed, and the valuable insights gained.  Background knowledge on the lagoon and part of the science will be presented, emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of the research conducted during the expedition.  


Herbert Gunell, Associate professor at the Department of Physics
Gunell is a a space physicist, and his research interests include Earth's magnetosphere, auroral research, other planets, and comets.


11:30 Lunch Sandwich (free)

12:00 Welcome
12:05 Audrey Schillings
12:25 Discussion with the researcher by the discussant
12:35 Discussion with the audience
12:50 Questions and ending


The seminar will be on site and online. Since we offer free lunch sandwiches for those who are attending on site, you have to register for your on-site participation, so we can order sandwiches.

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Deadline for registration: 2 November

You do not have to register if you attend online.
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