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Collaborate. The merits, the means and the goals

Time Tuesday 17 May, 2022 at 08:30 - 16:00
Place Rotundan, Universum

This conference focuses on both the opportunities and the challenges that you as a researcher face when you strive to acquire additional qualifications, find funding and create new knowledge through collaboration.

Book May 17 in your calendar now – a complete program will follow later!



  • REQUIREMENTS. It is often pointed out that more and more funding agencies are structuring their calls to promote collaboration. How can you as a researcher relate to these requirements?
  • CONDITIONS. The conditions of research differ from those of many external parties. As an individual researcher, how can you navigate between research quality and societal relevance?
  • RESPONSIBILITIES. The outside world is calling for researchers' knowledge. But who owns, or takes responsibility for, the result of a joint work?

This is a selection of the issues that we will delve into during the day. Both researchers and external parties with experience of managing different roles, setbacks and gains from collaborations will participate in the conference. 

Do you want to contribute? Submit a presentation!

What lessons have you learned from working on projects with external parties? Please take the opportunity to share your experiences as a researcher or a teacher.

Call for presentations

We welcome presentations in both Swedish and English. However, the main part of the conference will be held in Swedish. 

Event type: Conference
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