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Research Support and Collaboration Office

We are Umeå University's central unit for research support and collaboration. Besides offering service and advice to the university's researchers, management and administrators, we provide a guiding way in for companies, organisations and authorities that wish to collaborate with our university.

Would you like to visit us? 

Welcome to the fifth floor of the University Management Building.

Email us

Concerning collaboration: fos@umu.se

Concerning research support: rso@umu.se



Below, you can find contact information to all of us who work at the Research Support and Collaboration Office. 


I strive to contribute to increasing Umeå University's funding from the EU. I am also acting head of operations for the Research Support Office (RSO).

Annika Nordstrand
Bodil Formark
Camilla Josephson

Strategic research support

Elena Glotova
Erika Sörensson

As a research coordinator, I support researchers in matters concerning research funding, collaboration and ethics in the research process.

Ewa Lantz
Johanna Gardeström

As coordinator, I provide support and tools to facilitate collaboration between academia and other sectors in society. I also support researchers in matters concerning research funding.

Jonas Rosenqvist
Lacey Näsman
Lena Holmberg

I mainly work with informing about collaboration, research support and research funding on Umeå University's website and intranet (Aurora).

Maria Königsson
Marie Honn
Martin Englund
Mats Falck

Leave of absence to carry out assignments for the Innovation Office at Umeå University and Umeå University Holding.

Mats Reinhold

I am a doctoral student at the Dep. of Psychology, and I am affiliated with the Gender Research School at the Umeå Center for Gender Studies. My research is about destructive leadership and gender.

I work at the North Sweden European Office in Brussels, https://www.northsweden.eu/english.

Sanna Bränström
Simone Wenkel
Sofia Granberg