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Curiosum at Pilgatan's Christmas market

Time Saturday 11 December, 2021 at 12:00 - 17:00
Place Curiosum at Umeå Arts Campus

At Pilgatan's cozy Christmas market on Saturday 11 December, visitors can buy Christmas presents locally and climate-smart from small business owners from the area. In addition to Pilgatan and Curiosum, there are also stalls outside Hotell Gamla fängelset and at the book café Pilgatan and Bildmuseet.

We are open as usual between 12:00 and 17:00 Saturday and Sunday. All children who come by during Saturday, and say hello get a little Christmas craft to bring home. We also offer all visitors glögg and gingerbread cookies.

Curiosum's shop at the entrance offers year membership cards and gift cards as well as Christmas presents for curious children of all ages. How about, for example, one of several new and fascinating experimental boxes, or the popular "Grow Your Own Crystal" or "Build a Robot", or why not a book about space or programming?

Visitors who buy tickets to go into Curiosum will experience a lot of exciting and fun activities. Watch and participate in the science show Bubbelbus, make your own super soap bubbles in the Chemistry lab and program a robot, and much more.

Organizer: Curiosum
Event type: Other
Alexandra Björnham
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