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Porträtt av S.J klädd i blått, med blont hår och glasögon

#frAIday: Adaptive learners in the age of AI

Time Friday 24 May, 2024 at 12:15 - 13:00
Place Zoom

The presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing in all areas of life and has an increasing role in both students' learning and their future work lives. Learners themselves should be active participants when learning and working with AI, not algorithms, and to do that, they need to develop their self-regulated learning (SRL) skills to be able to monitor and control their own learning. I argue for a theory and empirically driven approach to human-AI collaboration. I also discuss how multimodal learning process data can be used to understand basic human learning mechanisms to build hybrid intelligence systems that augment rather than replace human intelligence, systems that exploit our strengths and compensate for our weaknesses.

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Event type: Lecture

Sanna Järvelä is Professor of Learning Science and Director of the Learning and Educational Technology Research Lab (LET) at the University of Oulu in Finland. Her research interests include self-regulated learning, computer-supported collaborative learning and AI in education.

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