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#frAIday: The role of WARA Media & Language in AI

Time Friday 26 April, 2024 at 12:15 - 13:00
Place MIT.A.216 / Zoom

#frAIday hybrid
This lecture will be held both on Zoom and in Seminarierummet (MIT.A.216) at Umeå University. We will offer free lunch wraps - limited number available, so come in time to secure yours. Welcome!

Collaboration between scientific institutions and industrial sectors has a beneficial impact on the development of AI technology. In recent years, the WASP research Arenas (WARA) have prioritized bridging the gap between research and industry. Specifically, WARA media and language has focused on building a multidisciplinary ecosystem around Media AI. These efforts have facilitated the transfer of knowledge and expertise, as well as the sharing of source, product and data, leading to joint involvement in various projects. This talk introduces some of the activities carried out by the WARA media and language and their contribution to the advancement of AI.

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Event type: Lecture

Somayeh (Rahil) Jafaritazehjani completed her PhD focusing on textual style transfer at TU Dublin of Irelnad in collaboration with University of Rennes in France. Then, she began working as a research engineer in the department of computing science of Umeå university where she collaborates with WARA media and language in various scopes such as human-computer interaction, and use of large language models for retrieval augmented generation.

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